New Patented Air Management System (RS - 800e)

  • Ramp Up Zones
  • Soaking Zones
  • Reflow Zones
  • Cooling

Independent Air Velocity Controlling System provide flexible processing control to easily handle various complicated lead free soldering requirements.

  • Power Saving & Lower Surface Temperature
  • Efficient power control design and air management significantly improves energy saving while lowering carbon emissions.
  • Multi-layers insulation around the body prevents heat loss.
  • The power consumption saved 15% compare to previous models.
  • Modularization Design
  • The modularization configuration make the services and maintenance more easily.
  • Standard Features:
  • Intuitive GUI interface
  • PC with Windows 7 OS
  • Data Logging
  • PCB Counter
  • PCB dropping alarm
  • Double pin chains conveyor? width adjustment
  • Flux management system (N2 ovens)
  • Water Chillier (N2 ovens)
  • UPS system
  • SMEMA interface
  • Key Options:
  • Automatic power on/off (Auto timer)
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • Cemter board support system
  • Dual conveyors
  • Dual conveyor in different speed control
  • 610mm conveyor width
  • Flux managemnet system (Ait ovens)
  • Water chiller (Air ovens)