Handling M size board, G-Star is adept at delivering all your business needs. it successfully attained 01005 miniature printing. Through full contact with the stencil, our improved cleaning system ensure that any remaining paste in the mesh will be eliminated before printing. The 2D paste inspection function is able to detect insufficient paste, bridging and other defects. G-Star is also equipped with top and motorized side clamp, thereby ensuring superior printing quality.

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As the grade is getting more and more involved in industry 4.0. It is understood that customers are also expecting to transform their operations, yielding higher productivity and competitiveness. Strategically armed with OPC (Optimum-Paste Control). G-Titan makes your journey towards Lights - out manufacturing a seamless one.

Complemented with QPC (Quality - Print Control), G - Titan stands firmly with the belief that nothing is more important than a good print. These revolutionary changes of the fundamental aspects of SMT printers, will bring about a kind of efficiency that you've never had.

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