TR5001 In-Circuit Tester(ICT)


Designed as an expandable platform for testing PCBAs, the TR5001 provides an economical, customizable solution that can fully meet testing requirements of most customers. TR5001 incorporates MDA with selectable ICT and Functional test capabilities that cut production line staff costs, save testing time and increase productivity

ICT Key Features

  • Modular upgrade options from MDA to ICT and functional test
  • High fault coverage test solution
  • Limited access solution and functional test expansion using PXI modules
  • Friendly User Interface and Support Multi-Language
  • Fixture and Test Program Compatible
  • Test point expansion Up to 3200 analog /1600 digital points
  • Full MDA test capability and Better Performance
  • Open/Short Test, R/L/C Test, Diode Test,
  • Transistors and FETs Test
  • 6-wire Milliohm Measurement
  • Clamping Diode Test
  • TestJet Test
  • Up to 100V High Voltage Zener Diode Test
  • System Self-calibration and Diagnostics
  • The Most Cost-Effective Test Strategy
  • Non-Multiplexing Pin Design, Driver/Receiver to Pin Ratio 1:1 .
  • Optimized Nail Placement with 1:1 Ratio Flexibility
  • ECNs only require moving few existing wires compared with 2:8/2:9 driver/receiver per pin
  • 1:1 Driver/Receiver per pin provide for the fastest test program development and debugging

TRI ToggleScan® Test

A powerful vectorless test technology that significantly reduces number of test probes, ToggleScan utilizes Boundary Scan and vectorless probes to test non-Bscan devices.