Automated X - ray Inspection

TR7600 SII Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)

Featuring advanced automated 3D X-ray inspection of PCBAs, the TR7600 SII high speed scanning with multiple resolutions in a single program. Automatic Pass/Fail determination uses 2D + 3D images provided using 6-axis control and ultra-high-speed multiple angle cameras with automatic board warp compensation. TR7600 SII is ideal for inspection of fine pitch 01005 components, μBGAs, 2/3-layer PoPs, LGAs and other bottom termination components on both sides of the PCBA, including complex Press fit connectors.

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TR7600 F2D Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)

TR7600F2D is a high performance inline 2.5D AXI specialized for single layer PCB and FPCB assemblies requiring highest image quality. Ideal for mobile electronics applications, the TR7600F2D can reliably detect microscopic voids, 01005 solder defects, and many QFN and BGA problems. Combining a fully automated programming and multi-resolution programs help maximize production yields on any production line.

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