TR7600 F2D Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)


TR7600F2D is a high performance inline 2.5D AXI specialized for single layer PCB and FPCB assemblies requiring highest image quality. Ideal for mobile electronics applications, the TR7600F2D can reliably detect microscopic voids, 01005 solder defects, and many QFN and BGA problems. Combining a fully automated programming and multi-resolution programs help maximize production yields on any production line.

AXI Key Features

  • Ultra-high-resolution edge to edge inspection up to 900 mm x 460 mm
  • Automated programming saves hours of engineer workload
  • Multi resolution programs and advanced processing for superior image quality
  • 2D and off-axis imaging for shadow-free inspection
  • X-ray tube with adjustable output up to 130 kV/300 µA Exclusive Image enhancement technology for clear Pressfit inspection
  • Rapid Programming Interface with Auto Library and Offline Editing Precision
  • Height Repeatability
  • Calibration target (at 3s) <1% on TRI certification target
  • Solder GR&R (± 50% Tolerance) <<10% at 6s
  • Inline 2.5D Automated X-ray Inspection
  • Fast Inline Automated Inspection for Single layer PCBAs
  • Ultra-high resolution imaging for ultimate quality at high speed
  • Automated Inspection and Pass/Fail Evaluation
  • User selectable X-ray power up to 130 kV/300 μA
  • Patented 6-axis motion control for maximum flexibility
  • Edge-to-edge board inspection up to 900 x 460 mm
  • Real-time X-ray view for on-demand inspection
  • Intelligent Software Solution
  • Automated CAD-based or manual programming with auto tuning
  • Intelligent detection of solder and assembly defects
  • Automatic image quality enhancement
  • Automated board warp compensation