The economical customizable TR7710 combines a precise high resolution camera system and TRI&'s exclusive multi-phase lighting to capture detailed PCB panel images. New optical solution offers increased DOF range for tall components with optional high clearance. TRI Series III AOI-compatible inspection software combines excellent defect detection and easy smart CAD-based programming into a cost effective, customizable AOI solution designed to fit any budget.

Key Features

Optical & Imaging System
Top View Camera
6.5 mpix high speed color camera
Multi-phase RGB+W Led
Optical Resolution
10 or 12.5 μm
Imaging Method
Imaging/Inspection Speed
12.5 μm
51.2 cm 2 /sec (7.9 in 2 /sec)
10 μm
32.8 cm 2 /sec (5.1 in 2 /sec)
Pre-/Post-Reflow Inspection Functions
Missing, Tombstoning, Billboarding, Polarity, Rotation, shift, Wrong marking (oCV),
defective, upside down, extra Component, Foreign material
Solder Joint
Excess solder, Insufficient solder, Bridging, through-hole Pins,
Lifted Lead, Golden Finger scratch/Contamination
X-Y Table & Control
Ballscrew + AC servo with motion controller
X-Y Axis Resolution
1 μm