TR7700 SIII 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)


TRI’s ground breaking 3D AOI solution delivers the fastest hybrid PCB inspection combining optical and blue-laser-based true 3D profile measurement for the highest automated defect symptom coverage possible. Integrated state-of-the-art software solution and third generation intelligent hardware platform offer stable and robust 3D solder and component defect inspection and with high inspection coverage and easy programming.

AOI Key Features

  • High Speed 2D + 3D Inspection of Up to 01005 Components
  • High Defect Coverage Using Hybrid 2D + 3D Inspection Technology
  • True 3D Profile Measurement Using Dual Laser Units
  • Intelligent Rapid Programming Interface with Auto Library and Offline Editing
  • Height Repeatability
  • Calibration target (at 3σ) <1% on TRI certification target
  • Solder GR&R (± 50% Tolerance) <<10% at 6σ
  • 3D Inspection Accurate laser sensor goes beyond other 3D technology boundaries. Its high measurement range ensures that components up to 20 mm high can be inspected with maximum precision. Working with laser light also eliminates problems with black or mirror-like components on low contrast background.

Multi-phase Lighting

Four individual lighting phases improve inspection of individual defect types using specialized lighting conditions. High speed camera allows inspection at constant speed even with multiple lighting phases.

Auto Library + Model Library

Auto Library speeds up programming by automatically allocating inspection windows for IC leads.

New Color Space Algorithms

TRI’s new adaptive algorithms use color space processing to increase inspection accuracy,reduce false calls and improve inspection results while reducing time necessary for inspection fine tuning and the number of alternative images required.