TR7500 SIII 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)


TRI’s optimum 3D AOI solution delivers the fastest multi-angle PCB inspection coupled with blue-laserbased true 3D profile measurement for the highest automated optical defect symptoms coverage possible. Combining state-of-the-art software solution and third generation intelligent hardware platform, the TR7500 SIII 3D offers robust 3D solder and component defect inspection and with high inspection coverage and easy programming.

AOI Key Features

  • High Speed Color Multi-angle Inspection of Up to 01005 Components.
  • High Defect Coverage Using Hybrid 2D+3D Inspection Technology
  • True 3D Profile Measurement Using Dual Laser Units
  • Rapid Programming Interface with Auto Library and Offline Editing Precision
  • Height Repeatability
  • Calibration target (at 3σ) <1% on TRI certification target
  • Solder GR&R (± 50% Tolerance) <<10% at 6σ
  • Combination of five multi-angle color cameras and true 3D profile measurement eliminates blind spots even on complex automotive and smartphone assemblies. TR7500 SIII 3D inspection range covers everything from basic SMT components to large thruhole capacitors, switches, connectors and hidden joints.

Multi Angle Color Cameras

New generation color angle view cameras make side view inspection a breeze. Finding complex solder joint defects hidden from top view has never been easier, and new color space processing ensures reliable defect detection.